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Unlocking the Power of Rewards: How Fundle's Earn Feature Boosts App Usability

Background: Fundle is a mobile app designed to help informal sector workers access financial services like loans, credit, and mortgages. One of the key features of the app is the earn rewards feature, which incentivizes users to continue using the app and engaging with its various tools and resources.

Case Study: To better understand how the earn rewards feature impacts the usability of the app, Fundle conducted a study among its users. The study revealed that users who regularly engage with the earn feature are more likely to continue using the app over a longer period of time.

Specifically, users who earn rewards on the app report feeling a greater sense of motivation and satisfaction, as well as a deeper understanding of their financial habits and behaviors. Many users also report feeling a sense of accomplishment when they reach certain milestones or earn a certain number of points.

Moreover, the earn feature has been shown to boost engagement with other features of the app, such as tracking mobile money transactions and setting financial goals. This is because users who are actively engaged with the earn feature are more likely to explore other areas of the app and discover new tools and resources.

Overall, the earn rewards feature has had a significant impact on the usability of the Fundle app, making it more engaging and motivating for users. By providing users with tangible rewards for their engagement, Fundle has successfully created a sense of loyalty and investment among its user base.

Data: According to FSD Africa, only 41% of African adults have access to formal financial services. Furthermore, a survey by the World Bank found that only 34% of sub-Saharan African adults were financially literate.

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