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Empowering Informal Sector Workers with Financial Literacy through Fundle's Academy Feature

In Africa, many informal sector workers lack access to formal financial services and struggle with financial literacy. Fundle, a mobile app that provides access to financial services such as loans, credit, and mortgages, is revolutionizing the way informal sector workers access financial services. With their Academy feature, Fundle is also empowering users to learn about financial concepts and improve their financial literacy.

Through data-driven solutions, Fundle’s Academy feature offers courses that are tailored to individual users’ financial habits and needs. These courses cover topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding credit scores. Users can also earn points for completing courses, which they can redeem for discounts on Fundle’s financial services.

Since launching the Academy feature, Fundle has seen a significant increase in users’ financial literacy and confidence in managing their finances. According to data collected by Fundle, 70% of users who completed a course reported feeling more knowledgeable about financial concepts, while 60% reported feeling more confident in their ability to manage their finances.

One user, Siphiwe, a market trader in Johannesburg, South Africa, shared her experience with Fundle’s Academy feature. Before using the app, Siphiwe struggled with managing her finances and had limited knowledge of financial concepts. However, after completing courses on budgeting and saving, she was able to develop a financial plan and increase her savings. Siphiwe also credits Fundle’s Academy feature for giving her the knowledge and confidence to apply for a loan, which she used to expand her business.

Fundle’s Academy feature is not only empowering informal sector workers with financial literacy but also providing them with the tools to improve their financial futures. By offering personalized courses based on individual financial habits and needs, Fundle is making financial literacy accessible to all.

In conclusion, Fundle’s Academy feature is a game-changer for informal sector workers in Africa, who have long been underserved in the financial sector. Through data-driven solutions and personalized courses, Fundle is providing users with the knowledge and confidence to take control of their financial futures.

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